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Lawyer’s fee

The lawyer’s fee for legal services is determined in accordance with the Public notice of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak republic no. 655/2004 Coll. on fees and remuneration of advocates for the provision of legal services (hereinafter „Public notice“).

Pursuant to Sec. 1 par. 2 of the aforementioned Public notice the lawyer’s fee is determined on the basic of the agreement between the advocate and the client. When concluding a contract for legal services, the advocate can agree with the client on the method and amount of the fee but the fee must not be in contradiction with good manners.

The remuneration also includes fees for administrative work and other acts made in connection with providing the legal services.

The remuneration does not include the compensation for the time spent on travelling outside the registered seat of the law firm to carry out legal acts unless otherwise is agreed.

Pursuant to the Public notice, the contractual fee can be agreed in the following ways:

The remuneration is determined as a fixed fee for repeating period, usually one month. This remuneration is appropriate for clients who are in regular need of the legal services.

The basic rate of a tariff fee is determined according to the value of the matter or the type of the matter or law and according to the number of legal acts executed by the advocate in a particular matter.

Total remuneration is a multiple of agreed hour–rate and number of hours spent by the advocate when executing legal acts in a particular matter.

This type of remuneration may be agreed in a form of percentage of the value of the matter which is the subject of the proceedings before the court or before other authority. The maximum amount must not exceed 20% of the value of the subject matter.

Simple legal assistance means providing the legal services at the registered seat of the law firm without representation before the court or any other authority.

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