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Our law firm MHS Legal, s. r. o. has been providing a wide range of legal and advisory services to its clients in the Slovak Republic and abroad since 2008.

At the beginning we have provided our services in the form of associated advocates at another law firm and since 2010 in the form of an independent law firm called MHS Legal, s. r. o.

In addition to standard client services provided ad hoc in specific cases, our law firm delivers services on the basis of a general legal services agreement that enables a client to use our services continuously in accordance with his actual needs.

Our law firm advises on a full range of law issues including the contentious and non-contentious issues for Slovak and foreign individuals and legal entities.

We provide complex legal and advisory services to our clients.

Areas of expertise include contentious and non-contentious issues, execution and commenting on contracts and deeds, advisory service in the area of setting up companies and their changes, providing of written and oral consultations, elaboration of legal analysis and opinions and attendance at meetings and negotiations on behalf of our clients. We also ensure representation before any court in the Slovak Republic and abroad.

We provide our services to the clients and execute legal documents in the Slovak, English and German language.

We work closely with tax advisors and auditors especially in order to eliminate negative tax and accounting effects when drawing up legal documents that are related to the tax regulations.

The limit of indemnity for each legal act is up to EUR 1.500.000,- and it may be increased if required by a client.

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